Venture Healthcare Report 2023: Are we out of the woods, yet?

Venture Healthcare 2023

Find out more in HSBC’s latest report “Venture Healthcare 2023: Are we out of the woods, yet?”

What happened in biopharma, healthtech, med device and dx/tools in 2023? Check out HSBC Innovation Banking’s latest Venture Healthcare Report* to find out – plus see what it could mean for 2024.

You’ll get an in-depth overview of investment activity, valuations, and step-ups for venture-backed healthcare companies. Our full analysis and predictions include evolving trends, industry perspectives, actionable insights and more.

The HSBC Venture Healthcare Report was written and produced by HSBC Innovation Banking’s Life Science and Healthcare Team, which serves the innovation economy by providing products and solutions to businesses of all stages with growth ambitions.

“The insights in our report provide an overview of investment activity, valuations and step-ups for venture-backed healthcare companies, supported by deep-sector expertise, historical perspectives and data-informed predictions,” said Katherine Andersen, Head of Life Science and Healthcare, HSBC Innovation Banking. “We are committed to supporting the innovation ecosystem by leveraging our industry experience and the strength and stability of HSBC’s global platform.”