Ladder Term Deposits

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Take advantage of custom-made Ladder Term Deposits that align with your expenditure plans.

A smart solution aimed at clients who are cash-rich after funding rounds, with high confidence in their mid to long-term forecasting.

Time short clients tell us they want a secure, simple place for their funds. A solution to maximise returns whilst at the same time paying out regularly to match their cash burn from their latest raise.

That’s why we came up with the Ladder Term Deposits solution.

The trade-off between instant access and long dated term deposits is that often the interest rates available drive you to invest longer term for higher returns. HSBC Innovation Banking’s Ladder Term Deposits solution provides the best of both worlds – a blend of short, medium and long-term term deposits with the knowledge that upcoming maturity exceeds your forecast burn.

If your monthly cash flow doesn’t require the maturing term deposits, you can reinvest in the ladder and enhance your overall return, safe in the knowledge that another tranche will redeem shortly afterwards.

How it works

This example has the attributes of a typical HSBC Innovation Banking client.

Key features

  • Configurable structure of terms and tiers which is unique to your needs.
  • Choice between a single blended interest rate and multiple, individual rates.
  • Option to reinvest maturing term deposits, fully or partially, in a new term of your choice. Benefitting from higher interest on longer terms.
  • Structured to support your cash flow forecast.
  • One application for multiple term deposits.
  • Available in GBP, EUR and USD.

The benefits

  • You choose:
  • terms of Ladder Term Deposits
  • number of tranches
  • blended or separate rates
  • Ladder combines the benefit of liquidity and yield
  • Maturing term deposit tranches can be reinvested if surplus to cash-flow needs

This account is not for you if you need immediate access to your cash. This is a restricted access account and your cash is not available until the maturity date.

T&Cs and other eligibility criteria apply

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