Audit confirmation request process

Audits can be difficult and finding the documents your auditors need can be time consuming. We’re here to support you and your auditors.

HSBC Innovation Banking is one of many banks using to provide our clients and their auditors with a secure and trackable process for their audit confirmation documents., operated by Thomson Reuters, is a protected, online confirmation platform, used by 4,000 banks and 16,000 audit firms globally. Most auditors are already registered but if they’re not, it’s easy for them to sign up.

Please note: If the audit includes the period prior to our transition from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) systems to HSBC systems on 7th August 2023, your auditor will need to request statements from both Silicon Valley Bank and HSBC Innovation Banking.

HSBC Innovation Banking can only accept and respond to confirmation requests from auditors through this platform.

This page explains the process your auditor will need to follow.



Your auditors need to audit your accounts. They can log a request on



Once the request is raised, you authenticate and authorise the distribution of confirmation documents to your auditor.



The auditor will need to request HSBC Innovation Banking and Silicon Valley Bank confirmations depending on the audit 'as of' date.



If your auditor needs help, they can contact's help and support pages or contact them via email and phone.

Obtaining verified statements

1. When asked by your auditor for confirmation documents, advise them that any audit confirmation documents can only be obtained by logging a request through

2. Once your auditor is signed in, they will add you as a client at which point you will go through an authentication and authorisation process. The authoriser that approves the disclosure of information must be listed on your account’s mandate.
You’ll need to provide your auditors with the account numbers and sort codes for the bank accounts covered in the audit. To minimise delays, please ensure your auditor has the correct legal company name which should be as registered with Companies House.

3. Your auditor will need to request confirmation documents from HSBC Innovation Banking and/or Silicon Valley Bank depending on the ‘as of’ dates in your audit:

Audited bank accounts
‘As of’ date
7th August 2023 or later
6th August 2023 or earlier
HSBC Innovation Banking

Silicon Valley Bank

For HSBC Innovation Banking, your auditor will need to submit the sort code(s) and account number(s), before selecting ‘HSBC Innovation Bank Limited’ in the dropdown for the request. Verification of HSBC Innovation Banking confirmation documents has a minimum 15-day processing time.
Silicon Valley Bank audit requests are not managed by HSBC Innovation Banking and are subject to their processing times. The relevant account numbers and sort codes for Silicon Valley Bank are those you were using prior to the migration to HSBC systems and differ to those on your current HSBC Innovation Banking accounts.

4. have extensive help and support pages available to aid issues. Alternatively, you can contact them on or +44 (0) 203 770 5450.
If any other documents require verification, including bank statement copies, please contact the HSBC Innovation Banking Client Services team.