Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Innovation is for everyone

Our privileged position at the heart of the innovation ecosystem means we have a responsibility to shine a light on diversity, equity and inclusion issues across the industry, and to drive positive change.

We believe that change starts with us, so we’re taking ambitious action in three key areas:


We aim to attract historically underrepresented candidates, and to invest in the rapid development of our diverse colleagues


We provide meaningful opportunities for everyone to develop their inclusive leadership capabilities and strive to offer an environment and culture that encourages diverse colleagues to thrive


We strive to deliver more equal outcomes for the whole ecosystem, including new and existing clients, our suppliers, the partners we work with and members of the communities where we operate

#MovingForwardTogether, we can broaden each other’s horizons, inspire empathy in one another and ultimately change the face of the innovation economy.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

A key component of building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company is our ERGs.

These groups are a platform for our people to connect, generate ideas and take action to build the kind of workplace we all want: a place where everyone can be themselves and bring their best as they build a thriving career.

From exciting events throughout the year, to inspiring initiatives, these people-powered efforts are the dynamic heart of our DEI goals.