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We’re looking for ambitious, talented and imaginative people to help us ignite the bold ideas that will reshape our world. Working closely with the sector’s most extraordinary individuals and businesses, you’ll be at the heart of a supercharged innovation banking service, with global capabilities, cutting-edge infrastructure and sky’s-the-limit possibilities.

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Entry Level

We offer graduate associate programs across Venture & Growth, Strategic Fund Solutions and Product business areas. Typically 12-18 months in length, these programs are a mix of 'at desk' & classroom learning and offer a chance to build the foundations of your careers, with opportunities to 'graduate' into full time roles. Venture & Growth program has September and March intakes.


From Operations to Legal, Compliance to Human Resources, we have opportunities across the full range of business/functions and all levels. Find out how your skills could help us power innovation.

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Relationship Banking

Start-Up/Early-Stage Banking

From early-stage to scaling up, our Start-Up Banking team offer expertise, core banking and financial services to help make things happen.

Venture-Funded Banking

For established innovation businesses, we offer specialised support for hitting key milestones as well as financial services to help facilitate growth.

Corporate Finance

Comprehensive banking and financial services tailored to solve the unique next-stage challenges of each client, from going global to planning for a buy-out.

Strategic Fund Solutions

Specialised lending for funds, innovators and entrepreneurs based on a deep understanding of the innovation sector, their challenges and milestones.

Other Functions

Operations & IT

Making all our day-to-day functions possible, the Operations and IT team ensure efficient and reliable technological support and rapid troubleshooting.

Risk & Compliance

Diligently monitoring and evaluating our activities to ensure strict adherence to regulatory standards and safeguard against potential risks.

Product Office

Where our innovative solutions take shape. The Product Office play a pivotal role in driving product development to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Transformation & Change

A future-focused team dedicated to leading us through strategic shifts, empowering employees to embrace and adapt to a rapidly evolving business landscape.


The creative heartbeat of HSBC Innovation Banking, shaping our brand and bringing what we do to life in captivating and compelling ways that connect with the innovation community and beyond.

Human Resources

Innovation is a human business. Our HR team is dedicated to nurturing a thriving workplace culture where everyone feels supported to reach their full potential.


Our Legal team work fast to find innovative solutions that help both us and our clients evolve.

Our Industries


Enterprise Software

Consumer & Frontier Tech

Life Science & Healthcare

Private Equity

Venture Capital

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