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A simple way to connect your HSBC Innovation Banking account data to financial management or accounting software systems which support Open Banking APIs.

Why use Open Banking APIs?

Compliant with industry standards

HSBC Innovation Banking is part of the Open Banking directory, fully compliant with Open Banking standards, and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our Account Information Services (AIS) are certified by the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE).

No additional fees

API Connection is a complimentary service offered to all HSBC Innovation Banking clients.

Key Features

  • Easily link and sync your HSBC Innovation Banking account to third party applications or software which are compatible with Open Banking APIs
  • Check account balances, review transactions and initiate payments through your application of choice
  • Multiple applications and software supported via Open Banking
  • API connection set up for free

Connect HSBC Innovation Banking to your preferred third-party providers

Streamline the integration of HSBC Innovation Banking services to drive efficiency and ease of use.

Information reporting

Check your HSBC Innovation Banking balances and past transactions directly from your chosen third-party provider's platform.

Simplify payments

Initiate HSBC Innovation Banking payments using your preferred third-party provider's platform.

Secure set up

Grant access to third-party providers to connect to your HSBC Innovation Banking account and authorise specific users for Open Banking services via HSBCnet.

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