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An account aimed at clients who can confidently plan their cash expenditure in advance, and who meet our minimum deposit requirements. Benefit from competitive rates, monthly statements and access to cash after your chosen notice period.

After a cash injection, our clients often look for the best rates to maximise their investment. Many clients we speak to have irregular expenditures and seek a solution without the restriction of a long-term deposit.

HSBC Innovation Banking’s Business Notice Account is an investment solution that addresses this challenge. The account gives you the benefit of comparatively higher-interest rates*, regular deposits and access to your cash funds after your chosen notice period. You can set up Business Notice Accounts for GBP, EUR and USD (others may be available on request, at our discretion) and use them on an ongoing basis, rather than going through the hassle of continuously opening multiple term deposits.

Your funds are restricted until you give notice of withdrawal, and the notice period is completed. Once the agreed notice period is over, you can access the cash. You would use these accounts alongside your current accounts to help maximise interest on excess working capital that you do not require on a regular basis.

* Compared to HSBC Innovation Banking’s standard corporate deposit account.

How it works

This illustrative example has the attributes of a typical HSBC Innovation Banking client.

This account is not for you if you need immediate access to your cash. This is a restricted access account, and your cash is not available until completion of the notice period.

T&Cs and other eligibility criteria apply

Key features

  • Account-based solution – deposits and partial withdrawal available following completion of the 31 day or 3 month notice period
  • Published rates
  • Online banking statements
  • GBP, USD, EUR (others may be available on request, at our discretion)

The benefits

  • Interest Rates are variable and determined by either central bank rates or linked to an external curve (you can view these in the Summary Box or by contacting Client Services)
  • Better interest rates when compared to other HSBC Innovation Banking deposit products offered in the UK
  • Partial withdrawals** can be accessed after notice is given and the notice period is completed
  • Interest paid monthly into your linked account
  • Monthly statements, detailing balances and transactions
  • Unlike term deposits, you don’t need to remember to reinvest on maturity

**Minimum deposit requirement applies

T&Cs and other eligibility criteria apply

Giving Notice

Giving notice to receive back some or all of your deposit

You can give notice to withdraw your deposit from your Business Notice Account (BNA) within HSBCnet by clicking on ‘Menu’, selecting ‘Payments and transfers’ and choosing ‘Create payment or transfer’. Once we receive your instruction, we’ll debit the requested amount from your BNA and move the funds into a separate Term Deposit account.

The funds withdrawn from your BNA will be placed in a Term Deposit account for the length of your BNA notice period. While your funds remain in the Term Deposit, we’ll pay you interest (please see the BNA summary box for details.

An example of how notice withdrawals work:

Acme plc decide to withdraw a portion of their balance from their 31 Day Business Notice Account.


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